Hi! I'm Anna. I'm an artist based in Portland, Oregon.

I ORIGINALLY HAIL from the rural farmland of Southeastern Pennsylvania, where I was heavily influenced by the land, history, and traditional arts of my regional community. I've BEEN LUCKY TO pocket many fresh perspectives all over the world since then, and continue to hold all of it close to me here in my Pacific Northwest home.

I work primarily on paper, in gouache, watercolor, acrylic, pencil, ink, and charcoal. Much of my work has a whimsical, wild, and imaginative feel, reflecting a curious and playful take on the world around me.

I'm also quite influenced by the LIFELONG ART PRACTICE of my grandmother, who taught me the traditional Pennsylvania-Dutch folk art of fraktur as a child. while certainly not always perfectly traditional, my florals, leaves, and birds are often gestures to the classic folk art motifs of my ancestors.

I TEND TO WORK IN loose COLLECTIONS, DIVING DEEP INTO ONE idea FOR A WHILE AND THEN HOPPING TO THE NEXT. I LOVE PATTERN, COLOR, mark-making, FLORALS, leaves, DOTS, lines, stamping, and REPETitION. I explore it all from the desk in my tiny, BELOVED bedroom studio.

My work is for sale via the shop link above. I also regularly take commission work of many kinds. Feel free to reach out if you’d like to chat!